How much does it cost? FREE for landlords! FREE for students! We are a new company and just want the listings to start. At some point we will charge a monthly fee for landlords to list their rentals but at the moment its free. The landlord will get advanced noticed before we start charging a monthly fee. We won’t even ask for payment info until we start charging.

Do you sell my information? Persnickety listings will never sell any information entered onto its site.

How do I submit a listing? Select “Login” at the top right of the webpage to “Register” or “Continue with Facebook”. You can create a profile for yourself or rental business and then start submitting your listings. Its so easy to use, you can submit each listing in under 30 seconds. When you submit your listings the pics must be approved. Generally we approve them same day and will be on the site within a couple hours of when you submit your listing.

I have more questions who can I reach? Feel free to send us an email anytime, a member of our Persnickety team will reach out to you within 24 hours –