How much does it cost?

FREE for students, FREE for landlords!

Do you sell my information?

Persnickety Listings will never sell any information entered onto its site.

How do I create a profile and begin submitting a listing?

Select “Sign-In/Register” or “Create Listing” at the top right hand corner of the webpage to “Register” or “Continue with Facebook”. Once you’ve created your account, log-in with your new credentials.

By selecting the profile icon in the top right corner of the webpage, you can select “Add new property”. You are now all set to begin submitting listings and view all your listings in one place! This will also allow students to contact you directly through your Persnickety account if they have interest in your listing.

Listings will be approved and posted within 24 hours.

I have more questions – Can I speak with someone?

Feel free to send us an email anytime, a member of our Persnickety team will reach out to you within 24 hours – support@persnicketylistings.com

What makes Persnickety different?

Persnickety Listings is the only FREE, user friendly off-campus housing website out there, and that comes at no sacrifice for quality.

Our Vision:

Our goal at Persnickety Listings is to provide a quick and easy user interface connecting landlords and students share and find RAD off-campus housing options!

Be PERSNICKETY about your off-campus housing!


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